Join us for an enlightening episode of Startup Impact Radio where we chat with Quinn Cotter, the CEO and co-founder of CenterClip. We delve into the problem of deteriorating political discourse and discuss possible solutions. Learn about the innovative platform Quinn and his team are building which aims to elevate political conversations by hosting authentic, accessible and common-sense discourse. The podcast also features a look into the future of CenterClip, the journey of Quinn as a startup founder, plus some interesting book recommendations. Don't miss our conversation on creating a healthier environment for political interactions.

  • 00:00 Introduction to Startup Impact Radio
  • 00:12 Discussing the State of Political Discourse with Quinn Cotter
  • 00:36 Understanding the Problem with Current Political Discourse
  • 01:50 Introducing CenterClip: A Solution to Improve Political Discourse
  • 02:08 The Role of Technology in CenterClip
  • 02:22 The Limitations of Podcasts and the Solution Offered by CenterClip
  • 03:13 The Unique Features of CenterClip
  • 03:46 The Importance of Vetted Content in CenterClip
  • 04:36 The Power of Audio in Elevating Discourse
  • 06:29 The Role of CenterClip in Content Moderation
  • 08:58 The Importance of Diverse Voices in CenterClip
  • 13:21 The Impact of Poor Political Discourse on Society
  • 17:22 The Journey to Founding CenterClip
  • 28:27 The Future Vision for CenterClip
  • 31:24 Learning from Failure and the Importance of Mentorship
  • 33:14 The Funding Journey of CenterClip

Startup Impact Radio focuses on entrepreneurs and their vision for changing the world. This is a show for people who love startups, making an impact, and the occasional drink recommendation. It is hosted by Scott Tobe and Joel Reed, and sponsored by EO Angels, OpenArc, and Signature Financial. 

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