Co-founder and Managing Partner of BTVC, Catherine talks about the history of Pittsburgh's startup ecosystem and how she helped pioneer it by founding Blue Tree Capital Group and Allied Angels. Catherine got her start angel investing in 1999-2000, before the term was widely known. She took 18 months to research best practices at other angel groups before launching Blue Tree in 2003. At the time, Pittsburgh's startup ecosystem was fledgling. Catherine had to educate investors and entrepreneurs on professionally-managed angel investing. Blue Tree focused on bringing discipline and diversification to angel investing in Pittsburgh. The group grew from 12 members initially to over 80 members today.

Catherine is proud of helping to mainstream angel investing in Pittsburgh, creating wealth for investors and employees of their portfolio companies, and boosting the local startup ecosystem. She shares lessons learned about the importance of respecting people, managing execution risk, and working through board dynamics and influencing skills.

The Blue Tree Venture Fund is currently open and raising capital through the end of 2023.

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